Why Does Juvederm Migrate? An Expert's Perspective

In rare cases, facial fillers such as Juvederm may migrate after injection. Learn why this happens and how you can avoid it with expert advice.

Why Does Juvederm Migrate? An Expert's Perspective

In rare cases, facial fillers such as Juvederm may migrate to another site on the face a few days after the injection. This occurs when the filler moves before it has fully adhered to the facial tissue. Lip filler migration generally happens due to injecting too much filler into one area and “bleeding” elsewhere. The great thing about injectable fillers is that your professional will have full control over the exact amount of filler applied to each area of your lips to achieve the desired look.Because bleeding from the filler can occur when too much is applied to a particular area, it is essential that you tell your doctor if and when fillers have been previously applied to you.

This will ensure that they can use the right amount to prevent the migration from happening. Overfilling of the lips can cause pain and discomfort as a result of bruising. It can also cause the lips to discolor.As such, a good practitioner will always ensure that you, as a client, know exactly how much is too much. Filler migration is defined as the process of spreading or “migrating” the dermal filler to another area beyond the injection site.

While migration is mostly spoken of in terms of lip fillers, it can also occur anywhere where the filler is injected. This includes the tear duct, jawline, and cheeks.Does Juvaderm tend to migrate more than Restalyne? Is Voluma a good option? Facial filler migration is a term that refers to the process by which a facial filler is injected into one location but moves or “migrates” to another. However, it should be noted that the filler does not migrate from one area of the body to another. What is being discussed on social networks is simply the so-called migration of a few millimeters within the same anatomical regions where it was injected.Filler migration can occur when injectable products are placed in the wrong plane.

Hahn explains that a thin plane, known as pars marginalis and peripheral pars, separates the lip muscle (orbicularis oris) and injecting it into the wrong plane can allow the filler to move. By placing more product on the lip, the path of least resistance for filling is to the peripheral tissues of the lip, leading to deflection, he adds. Therefore, it is essential for a successful result that both depth of filling placement and needles used are taken into account.Filler migration can also occur when over-injecting the lips. Movement can occur if too much padding is placed at once.

While no set quantity causes a migration-like effect (even small quantities can change), it is best to eliminate significant volume improvement over time. Frank explains that the characteristics of the face are not that different from the size of our shoe; they only fit a certain amount in a specific space.In conclusion, facial fillers such as Juvederm may migrate if too much product is injected into one area or if it is placed in an incorrect plane. To avoid this issue, it is important for clients to communicate with their doctor about any previous fillers they have had and for practitioners to be aware of how much product they are using and where they are placing it.

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