Are juvederm and botox the same?

Juvéderm and Botox are used to treat wrinkles. Juvéderm is made of hyaluronic acid (HA), which plumps the skin.

Are juvederm and botox the same?

Juvéderm and Botox are used to treat wrinkles. Juvéderm is made of hyaluronic acid (HA), which plumps the skin. Botox Injections Temporarily Relax Facial Muscles. The biggest difference between Botox and Juvederm is the types of wrinkles they work on.

While both treatments are effective in smoothing wrinkles on the face, they don't work on the same type of wrinkles. Botox Cosmetic is an injection that is mainly used for wrinkles and lines around the eyes and forehead. The crease between the eyebrows (often called the “eleven wrinkles”) and the “crow's feet” are common areas. This treatment relaxes a certain muscle enough to reduce overlying wrinkles by using a safe toxin called botulinum toxin type A.

Although results vary, a typical Botox injection will last between four and six months. Botox is sold per unit, and patients generally use at least 20 units per treatment. Although Botox offers excellent skin smoothing results, it will not “fill saggy, wrinkled skin or restore volume like a dermal filler. Botox and Juvéderm are two different treatments that help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Although they have the same goal, these two treatments can affect facial muscles and skin differently. In some cases, Juvéderm is even used together with Botox to achieve a more desirable result. Botox injections are made of botulinum toxin. These injections don't work on the skin but on the facial muscles to achieve a wrinkle-free face.

Restylane generally has a slightly lower unit price, as well as slightly lower durability than its Juvederm counterpart. Juvederm injectables use hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body, to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin at or near the injection site. Some patients experience more discomfort with Juvederm injections, since the injectable gel has a little more density in its composition. Juvederm, meanwhile, is a dermal filler formulated with hyaluronic acid that generates results immediately after treatment.

Michele Green is a certified dermatologist based in New York City and an expert in a wide variety of cosmetic treatments, including Botox and Juvederm Voluma. Juvederm has a variety of different specific formulations that are designed to treat different types of wrinkles, from smile lines and puppet lines to loss of volume in the middle of the face and lips. Restylane Lyft can be used on the middle of the face, similar to Juvederm Voluma, and also recently received FDA approval to reduce the appearance of aging on the hands. Both Botox and Juvederm are considered non-invasive injectables, which means they improve the look and feel of the skin without the need for invasive surgery or downtime.

Paul Vitenas and the staff at Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique regularly perform Botox and Juvederm injections. Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, Radiesse and Belotero are all hyaluronic acid fillers, which help stimulate collagen and elastin production in the body. When you're trying to decide between Botox and Juvederm, you'll likely consider how quickly you'll see the results and how long they'll last. Because of their distinctive anti-aging properties, Botox and Juvederm are designed to better treat different types of wrinkles and signs of aging.

If it's the right choice for you, your provider might recommend that you get Botox and Juvederm done at the same time. The Juvederm filling family includes Juvederm Vollure, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, Juvederm Voluma XC and Juvederm Volbella. For optimal facial rejuvenation, Botox and Juvederm are often combined to treat dynamic and static wrinkles, from mild to severe wrinkles and creases. .

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